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The Power of Prayer(Walking)

Dwight and Melissa Poggemiller, GEM workers in Romania, found their daily life and work transformed at the onset of covid last year. Instead of shying away from relationships, the Poggemiller family viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to devote more time to prayer and building connections with others. With little to no travel and more time at home, Dwight pondered, “How can we show our concern for our neighbours and at the same time be praying for a real spiritual breakthrough.”

Thus, a ministry of prayer-walking was born.

Several times a week, the Poggemiller family prays together in their home then set out into their neighbourhood. They walk through and pray over homes where they have previously interacted with people or a strategic city block.

As they prayed for their neighbours both unknown and by name, Dwight and Melissa realised they wanted to do more.

“I just love doing crafts,” Melissa said. “And I think it’s neat how God allows you to do the things you love the most.”

Since Romanians enjoy celebrating holidays, the family decided to create small gifts and cards for Christmas, International Women's Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

“We didn’t want people to feel obligated to be our friends because we were doing this or to give us something in return,” Melissa said. “We just wanted to reach out to them and get God’s word into their house.”

At Easter time, they created magnets with John 3:16 in Romanian and put together a small gift with chocolate and a card that said “Happy Easter! Jesus loves you.” In total, they hung 100 eggs.

For specific people, Melissa creates a theme, such as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, and she plans a gift around it.

One woman brought the Poggemiller’s sweet bread and a chocolate lamb in response, saying “Look, this is like the lamb of God.”

“Covid has made people more sensitive to spiritual matters and to the Lord and has given them a desire and hunger for community like they have never had before,” Melissa said.

Because of this, Melissa was able to invite the woman to a prayer time in her home and develop a relationship with her.

Another woman who Melissa gave a pot of flowers for Women’s Day asked what church they went to.

Still, during Christmas, others offered the Poggemillers’ gifts, describing how touched they were by their thoughtfulness and love. Because of this, Dwight and Melissa were able to tell others about Jesus and the true reason why they are in Romania.

God is clearly working and breaking down barriers.

At first, there was little response, but now “People we don’t even know have been waving to us from their cars as they pass by,” Dwight said.

The Poggemiller’s are asking big things of God. Please join us in prayer for them and their neighbourhood.

Pray for:

1) A continued openness to spiritual matters & the Gospel and a Gospel revolution in Romania

2) Relationships to deepen

3) God’s love to shine through every gift and prayer

– Kaylie Moss, Ten2 2021 Participant & Storyteller

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