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  • Kaylee Ruppel

The Impossible Rubik's Cube

After Monday's Camp of Champions, a Christian day camp for elementary kids, we were left cold, wet and discouraged. The kids were wild, the weather was dreary and the spiritual warfare was suffocating. We were setting up at a park in a very rough neighborhood that was defined by drugs, violence and poverty. Within seconds of being there, our supervisor's phone was stolen; Satan was already fighting a battle of spiritual warfare against us. This stolen phone was the preface to Monday's other events such as fights among the children, foul language constantly thrown about and an act of mooning to finish off the day. Yes, I said mooning. Kids were distracting each other and mocking any of our efforts to speak the name of Jesus. We were discouraged at first, but then we identified the spiritual warfare at hand. Despite Satan's malicious intent to convince us to give up on these kids, we pressed in further. The behavior that we were receiving from these children only increased our desire for them to know Jesus. These children needed attention and unconditional love, something that they were most likely not used to in their homes. They needed Jesus.

Our team prays over camp.

Tuesday was a little better, the children started to focus in a little more. Then Wednesday came around and it was time for the gospel presentation in front of the entire group. Usually we would use a sports metaphor for the gospel that includes a football (soccer ball) and an impossible kicking goal that is only achieved when God steps in. Although this metaphor is relatable to the children, Kyle, a student from the mission team, had a better idea. Kyle stood in front of the audience of children with a perfect Rubik's Cube. He began to twist and rearrange it, describing how we go through many different twists and turns in life and constantly mess up along the way. Once the cube was completely rearranged, Kyle asked a few of the children to volunteer to put it back in its perfect state. Three children all came up and failed at putting it back together. Then, Kyle had another adult come up to try and ultimately fail as well. The message was clear that we ourselves cannot rearrange our mess into perfection again, no matter how hard we try. Kyle went into deep explanation of the gospel and how while we were imperfect, God still loved us and chose to die for us so that we could be healed. While speaking, he solved the Rubik's Cube and stated, "When you believe in Jesus and devote your life to Him, this is how he sees you. He makes you perfect again." The Rubik's Cube was fixed and the children's jaws hit the floor. They understood.

Before we knew it, Thursday came, and it was time to wrap everything up with the kids. These kids that we once saw as a huge challenge were made into moldable and excitable victories. Seeds were planted beyond measure and watered with God's Word. The gospel was shared over and over, each time deepening their understanding of Jesus. By Thursday, three children accepted Christ and were welcomed into the Kingdom of God. Oh, what fruit came out of such a barren wasteland!

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