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Reflections & Looking Ahead – Ten2 2019

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” // Luke 10:2 //

Reflections & Looking Ahead with Mike & Kookie Taylor, Leaders of the Ten2 Project

The inaugural Ten2 Project has come and gone. It profoundly impacted our lives and the lives of the 58 participants and people they ministered to across Europe. We are so grateful to God for all He accomplished! Here are a few of our personal reflections from the first summer. 

God Hears and Answers Our Prayers

For over a decade, the GEM family has been praying the Luke 10:2 prayer daily. We pause each day at 10:02 in the morning and cry out to God for laborers. It is a daily reminder of the desperate need for workers in the harvest field. We are called to ask; HE provides the laborers. This summer God gave us 58 incredible servant leaders. The truth is, that is only a drop in the bucket. We need more and we need God to raise up a generation who will give a significant season of their lives away in Europe. Will you join us in asking?

Team Work and Unity is Foundational

There is something special that happens when we lock arms and hearts together. The GEM and UK-USA Ministries field personnel and partners that hosted the Ten2 teams this summer were amazing! They did an incredible job integrating, coaching and empowering the Ten2 participants. The GEM Mobilization Staff and GEM Teams worked tirelessly to help prepare the field and to recruit, train and deploy the Ten2 team effectively. It was a total team effort across both continents! Everywhere we see movements of God, we see a foundation of unity first. The Ten2 participants experienced this, many for the very first time, this summer in their ministry sites. They witnessed churches and organizations who have a love for their specific town and its people, serve together to advance the gospel. The body of Christ serving as one church. No strings attached. We pray this movement becomes the new normal. 

GEM missionary Dr. Ray Baker gives a mission history lesson at the Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dream God-sized Gospel Dreams

The world needs Jesus. I believe we are living in one of the most challenging moments in history. There is a palpable darkness that permeates the European continent. Generational lostness and post-Christian culture has tightened its grip. But in the midst of this dryness and darkness the light of the gospel has the potential to pierce the darkness and spring forth rivers of living water. We are praying for awakening to ripple across Europe. We are dreaming God-sized dreams. Will you dream with us? 

Risk is Essential

Stepping into “God-sized dreams” is risky. I believe God wants us to risk more for Him, to move from living in the realm of comfort to living in the realm of faith. Our Ten2 team definitely stepped out in faith to serve in Europe this summer! Many experienced God’s incredible provision, timing and transformation all because they stepped out in faith.

God Pours Out His Favor and Blessing 

Make no mistake, it is God’s incredible blessing and favor that turns the tide. We need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to see real transformation and lasting fruit. Will you pray for this with us? 

GEM President Jon Burns speaks to the Ten2 team about the birth of Greater Europe Mission 70 years ago in Beatenberg, Switzerland.

It was an incredible day out in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There is a Generation Rising Up 

I am so encouraged by what I experienced and saw this summer in our Ten2 Project participants. God is indeed calling out laborers. I believe this rising generation is answering the call to advance the gospel and make disciples. They are passionate about Jesus and proclaiming the Good News of the gospel to a lost and hopeless world. They are fired up about seeing individuals, families and whole communities transformed. They live out the “basin and the towel” model that Jesus gave us in John 13. They are willing to work hard and walk in a manner worthy of being called a disciple. They are prepared for sacrifice. From the moment we arrived at training week on May 24th until they departed from the GEM Annual Conference this past week, they exemplified the heart of a servant. I genuinely cannot remember any negative comments or complaints. This generation inspires me!

One of the highlights was baptizing one of our Ten2 leaders, Nathan Mell, in Lake Thun in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Join the Ten2 Project 2020!  We are so thankful to God for all He did this summer. But it is only the beginning. We know that the harvest is ripe and ready, so we are already building our team for next summer. This past year the Ten2 Project served across 10 different cities in 8 different countries in Europe. This summer we are hoping to see that grow to 15+ cities in 12 different countries across Europe. Will you join with us in praying that God would raise up another incredible group of leaders to go and make disciples across Europe? Please help us get the word out by sharing the website with anyone that you think would be interested. Please join with us in praying each day at 10:02 the Luke 10:2 prayer! 

In His Joy, Mike and Kookie

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