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Let the Little Children Come

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

In the midst of world chaos, uncertainty, and fears it is very easy to lose sight as believers of the perfect eternity that is in store for us. Yet more importantly, as Christians we have the calling to spread the gospel to all nations and tribes, but we most certainly cannot forget about all generations.

This summer, despite many changes and waiting on God to open the right doors, He has led me to be a children’s ministry intern at my local church. I have always enjoyed doing volunteer hours with my church with the kid’s ministry. Little people with big personalities can be a handful but they are the producers of some of the best stories. No matter how I thought my summers would look like, it somehow ends up that there is a child on my lap with a storybook in one hand and crayons in the other. Summer 2020 has been no exception.

Since the fall of 2019, I was planning to be a Ten2 participant serving in Normandy, France. Yet, just like everyone else around the world, my plans had been changed. I remember the week virtual Ten2 training was rapidly approaching, and because I had chosen to be a part of the revised Ten2 team, it was my responsibility to connect with a missions opportunity in my community. After weeks of prayer, frustration, and discouragement, not only did God open up a missions opportunity for me but He also provided a job from it. His faithfulness has been so clear to see as He gave me a place to work at my home church in Richmond, Virginia.

Since my time working at my church in their children’s ministry office, God has been placing the needs of these children on my heart and the thought of every child around the world, knowing they will be the face of the future. The purpose of Ten2 is to go and tell, to reach those who don’t know the gospel. It is also to serve and evangelize to those around us. My time spent with these kids is no exception. The Great Commission is to reach every tongue tribe and nation, but also every generation. Taking the time to talk with kindergarteners and elementary-aged kids has opened my eyes to how curious and hungry they are for knowledge of the world.

The simple tasks my job requires, such as handing out popsicles at the park or putting on a movie night on the lawn, are extremely rewarding when I know the conversations I am having with these youngsters can inspire and influence them for a lifetime. As Christians we are being faced with uncertainty in our world, yet we know the everlasting truth the Bible holds. When we go and tell, let us not forget about the young and hungry hearts of the children around us. Their little minds are ready to soak up information like a sponge, so let’s make that information be the infallible truth of God.

God’s faithfulness and goodness are seen time and time again. While I was on track to spend my summer in Normandy sharing the gospel, God directed my path instead to across the street to my church. Who I was telling the gospel to was today’s children but eventually tomorrow’s leaders. God has a clear plan for every step we take, and he has a plan for the children in our lives. My challenge for every other believer is to let the little children come to you. Feed them the wisdom and truth of God’s Word. We must equip the next generation with knowledge of hope and not fear. The children around us are gifts, they are precious in His sight, Jesus love the children of the world.

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalm 127:3

– Juliette Peterson, Ten2 2020 Participant & Storyteller

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