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Everyone in their Own Language

This summer I spent my Ten2 summer in Athens, Greece. And let me tell you, it was absolutely incredible. In fact, it was truly life changing. The Lord spoke to me in many ways and fully revealed to me who He is. This summer changed the way I think and how l live every day, and a big part of this is because of the people I met. I was so inspired by both the Greeks and the refugees that I built relationships with. In fact, I still talk to some of them every day. One of my favorite moments from this summer is when part of my team had a Bible study with many of our refugee friends. The refugees that attended were believers, and we spent the first half of the Bible study getting deep into the Word.

At the end of the Bible study, we wanted to pray together before everyone left. So we prayed, everyone in their own language. By the time we were done praying, we had all prayed in five different languages! It was just a simple moment, yet so impactful at the same time. It was a reminder of who God is and how he brings people together no matter the barriers. It showed me how faithful He is, and how He always shows up in the most random of times. Even though I couldn’t understand what everyone had prayed, I knew God’s presence was in the room.

This night even reminded me of how God will never leave us or forsake us. The refugees had gone through more than I could ever imagine, yet here they were praying straight from their soul, worshipping like no other. This is one night I will never forget. The simplicity of the prayers had so much power, and the people in the room had a love for God like I had never seen. God’s love filled the room in so many ways, and this night will always be a reminder of how merciful He is. I will never forget God’s faithfulness and compassion that He has towards us. All I can simply say is: Wow, He is good. I could not be more thankful for God giving me the opportunity to participate in Ten2 this summer and letting me be a part of this special night.

– Leah Joseph

Ten2 Participant 2019, Athens, Greece

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