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Humans of Ten2: Part 2

As the Ten2 Project 2021 has come to an end, I asked several Ten2 participants to answer two questions: What is something you want to take home with you and apply? and What is something you want to leave behind? And if they felt led, to share an impactful moment they experienced. These are their responses. I hope it encourages you, uplifts you, and shows you how the Lord has been working personally and powerfully in the lives of the Ten2 participants in Kosova.


Coleman Jones ~

“I want to leave behind a mentality for a couple people I have been able to spend time with here that makes them think about the deeper things of life and meaning of life. I want to leave behind a practice of intentionality for those people here. That’s why in the past two months those are things I’ve tried to keep in mind while being here in Kosovo.”

“What I want to take with me is a greater understanding on how to love people well and how to treat others in a way that makes them feel loved while understanding what it means to truly love people and why. I want to be able to encourage believers. For unbelievers, the best work done is tilling the ground and making it softer and where I start with that is by trying to make them think about how to live life intentionally and how to have a mentality to think about deeper things in life while they do the things they do.”


Caleb Snyder ~

“I want to take home a new passion for the Word. God can teach me a lot about missions and His heart, but this isn’t my first mission trip. I feel like God has been teaching me a lot about His Word. I’ve been thriving in my daily bible time. I’m really excited about that.”

“I want to leave behind my work with the kids at one of the children centers. I want to leave behind great memories for them and the impression that we have Jesus. I want them to be able to tell the difference between us and other people and remember that.”


Addy Shaw ~

“Seeing all the church members and how dedicated they are to their work for the church and being so involved in their church, I want to take this home with me. For every operating moving piece that has such an incredible impact and not one thing is better than the next; so many different people involved in different ministries. I want to take home and apply being more involved in my church. You can see the impact of the ministry here because they work and believe it and pray for it, which seems to happen little back home. He produces fruit in those ministries, and I want to go back and expect Him to do what he can do.”

“I remember Leo during evangelism week. I would ride in her car every day and every day she had people she would embrace and love. But it wasn’t people she just knew but people she intentionally loved and poured into and had good relationships with. I guess I want to take that home, as well. To be more intentional in pursuing people and relationships. I have a fear of failure that pours into my relationships sometimes. If I feel like I’m failing someone or not fulfilling my expectations of myself or their expectations of me I tend to pull away. Then, I feel less intentional because I can’t give them the perfect time and the best of myself, so I don’t want to do it at all. I’m a recovering perfectionist. The Lord is growing me out of the feeling of failing people because I’m truly not because He upholds them. I guess the Lord is redefining how I view relationships and people. He is teaching me it’s not something I have to bring my best to but something I can come broken and people can still love me in that, and I can still love people in their brokenness, as well. By allowing myself and others to reach out in brokenness I’ve seen my relationships get better because there is less pressure. Praying for those areas will help too. I ask the Lord to refine me in that and to give me more opportunities to be intentional with the ones He wants me to and let go where He wants.”

“What I will leave behind is not finding my confidence in what I have to offer. The Lord has stretched me this trip by not having me do the things I think I am gifted in but stretching me by doing things I am not used to doing. He’s stretching me in teaching me that I don’t have to be confident in doing all these things or be seen or known by people here but that He sees, knows, and hears me. He knows my gifts and abilities, but my confidence isn’t in the fact of what I have to offer to the group, but the fact that He has called me here. Finding my worth in operating in things that I am comfortable. I know this summer was going to be stretching and uncomfortable in some areas. I want to be more flexible when I go back home and say it is not just those one-on-one relationships that I am good at, but the Lord can use whatever he wants to and it doesn’t have to be something that I am good at.”


Lynna Taylor ~

“What I’m going to take with me is a new perspective of the world and a new worldview. It is so encouraging to see this culture and appreciate the differences from mine while living regular life here. These people need Jesus and that is the bottom line as for the whole world. I will take home adaptability. That I am willing to adapt to any culture or circumstance for the sake of the gospel. I have experienced this new culture and now I’m ready to go anywhere. In America, overseas seems so big and far away but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Lord will take care of you and equip you. They are just people.”

“I want to leave behind what overseas missions looked like. I have more confidence to say yes to the Lord. I want to leave that behind and go back home to America ready to say yes!”


Elise Ulrich ~

“I would like to take with me a new passion on how much the Lord has put evangelism on my mind. I want to leave behind the ease of falling into rhythm day to day and make everyday matter and every day an important step in building the kingdom of God.”


Danielle Ricky ~

“What I really love about Kosovo is that the people really want to connect with each other. Back home, we're always in a rush or on our phones. At restaurants we have 30 minutes to eat then after we quickly rush out and leave. Here in Kosovo, they sit down, talk, and enjoy their time and conversation. They actually get to know each other. They really dig deep into each other’s lives, and they really care about one another and that's something I really appreciate. People ask questions deeper than just “How are you doing?”, “I’m Fine.”, “I’m good.” They ask about your problems, family, and what’s really going on in your life. That is something that I really want to apply when I go back home. I want to be intentional with people and sit down and actually talk and have a real conversation instead of a superficial. I think that’s super important. God also has been teaching me a lot of patience on this trip. I’ve been learning how to trust Him in all circumstances through not knowing what's going to happen a lot of time here and just going with the flow. Those are the things I really want to hang on to and keep close with me.”

“I want to leave here the joy that we have even when we're working hard and tired. I want them to see that we are still joyful and going strong. I enjoy that our group is super intentional with one another, and I want people to remember us by that and by how much we care for each other. I went out to dinner with a local the other day and she said we appeared as a big family. She was so surprised that we just met each other about a few months ago. She was really shocked that we could be so close and so friendly with one another and look like a family after a short time. So, in a way I think we already have done that. It is something special when you're a family because of Christ.”


Lydia Hochstelter ~

“I want to take back community. Not the same community because that is unrealistic but the attitude of unity that Ten2 had. Seeing that contrasted with other churches, believers, and missionaries I have seen and how it didn’t work and how it does work. It is so beautiful. God has been really teaching me this summer how I cannot do ministry alone; how I need community. I want to take those things back. I want to take the people but since I can’t, I’ll take the memory and pray for a community like this that will be consistent in my future. This summer has been very intentional. I’m taking back the encouragement that it can work. When I get back to Chicago for my last semester, I’ll be working on student organization and trying to help create activities for the semester. I’m going to be figuring out what I’ll be doing for the future, overseas, grad school and jobs. All those things that I need wisdom from friends for, and I need people to process it with. I’ll have new roomies and I want to love them well, as I’ve been loved here. I want to make our dorm hospitable and make it a home because I have seen how powerful it is here.”

“I think in the terms of treasures. When going through my stuff when I first arrived here, I had a lot of clothes that were my best summer clothes, but I realized how stained and tattered they were. The first week I felt gross all the time, but I didn’t have anything better to wear. So, when I went shopping for the inauguration, I bought a t-shirt. It is the shirt I will wear when I have nothing else to wear but still want to feel cute. It helped a lot along with shopping at Mozaic, the church’s thrift store. I actually have some shirts I am comfortable with wearing out in public now and not feel like a slob. It’s part of a longer process & story of why I used to dress like I didn’t care. It was a defense mechanism. I have been working on doing better in those areas. Like this outfit, I feel comfortable, cute and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Dressing cute and stylish helps reflect who I am in Christ by helping me feel more myself and identifying with Him who loves me.”


Kevin Wooden ~

“I want to take home a passion for reminding and showing people their value in the identity given to them by Christ. I want to leave behind passivity and fear when sharing the gospel and living missionally.”


Aubrey Harbman ~

“This summer has really transformed my view of prayer and its power and necessity, so I want to take home this changed perspective of prayer and continue to pray with a renewed sense of power and frequency. I think I’m the closest I’ve ever been to understanding what it means to pray without ceasing and really feeling the power and comfort of praying with others regularly, and I really don’t want to lose that ever.”

“I want to leave behind an accurate representation/view of Christ and the Cross. Kosovars misunderstanding of God and His love, and the meaning of the Cross has been super heartbreaking for me and I really want to be a positive part of changing that.”


Anna Richards ~

“I want to take with me how connected the church community is and the idea that to be involved with the church is to be involved with every part of the church and people in the church all know each other. It is easier to be a lukewarm Christian in the US. The church here requires the whole community to stand in dependence on each other.”

"The church is so dependent on each other that everyone involved with the church must do everything. It’s good to be here with them helping them and encouraging them.”


Hannah Mitchel ~

“I want to take away the knowledge that spiritual warfare is very real and that we need to learn how to rely on God’s truth during spiritual warfare because it comes in different ways. Not only mentally or emotionally but physically.”

“I want to take away and tell people back home that being on the mission field is harder than people would think. That culture shock is a real and that community is important and that you must really lean on your team. Also, mental health is very important because if you’re not all there mentally then you won’t be able to put forth your best effort for the ministry."

“I want to leave the love of Jesus and point people to Jesus and show them how He has helped me.”


Mekenna Boswell ~

“I was baptized on June 18th in a stream of the Balkan Mountains of Peja. The past three years I wanted to pursue baptism, but I wanted to ensure my baptism was not manipulated or done under pressure. I wanted to comprehend the importance of baptism and what it means. The past year I explored baptism theologically trying to understand “Why is Baptism done publicly?” “Is it necessary for baptism to be public?” “What does baptism mean?” “Why is baptism important in our walk?”. The Lord revealed these answers slowly but surely through scripture, friends, and songs. Understanding baptism as a symbolism of Jesus’ own death and resurrection, along with displaying our commitment to Him. Baptism also being an act of worship.”

“During the first week of ministry the Lord directed me to scriptures which meditated in topics of surrender. I am coming to comprehend more and more what it means to die to myself each day and live a life of resurrection. Not only knowing but practicing dying to myself on the mission field. Understanding that I am a sinful person with fleshly desires, and I need to be delivered from that every moment of the day, in order for the Lord to be seen through me and working through me. The day we were in Peja, I was just in awe of the Lord and His power displayed among creation. I was walking down along the stream, and in such awe stopped and said, “I want to be baptized in this river!” I had teammates hear this and ask me if I was for real about this and asking if I had been baptized before. I went through confirmation and was baptized by aspersion but did not know what it meant at that age. I was serious about being baptized, but I did not have extra clothes to change into. I started to second guess, but my teammates were encouraging me and explaining how it could work. A college friend of mine was also there and was able to do the honor of baptizing me. Although, if my small group leader would not have just jumped in I would have kept second-guessing the fact I did not have clothes to change into. Seeing Coleman jump in showed me I can just get wet and get baptized. The moment was full of encouragement, support, and no manipulation or pressure at all. I was confident in knowing the act of worship I was about to commit. Proclaiming Jesus as my personal savior. Romans 6”

“I prayed this to the Lord after being baptized...“God, today, this week, I have been in awe; in awe of your mighty power, authority, and work in my life. You have delivered me into your loving arms. You are a beautiful Father. You are a perfect Father who loves me perfectly. I just want to sit in this awe and remember this awe. The streams and waterfalls. The mountains and colors. Your glory and work is seen in these landscapes. If I can see you work in creation, then I should know you are and will always be working. God, you are amazing. You fully know me and love every part of me because you turn all brokenness into glory. You can do that because I gave it to you. Lord, my life is committed to you. I have come to comprehend your love more. I have come to comprehend surrender more. I have learned to be content in all circumstances because I have you. I have received the joy of the Holy Spirit. I had the holy spirit before being baptized but now I have come to lay my life before you in front of others. I have come to commit my life to you as a witness and accountability to myself/you. Because I am able to commit myself to you to receive life, I know I am able to commit to a relationship in order to reflect your life to the other and strive towards your love together, for the glory of your kingdom.”

“God, I do not want to forget the awe and freedom I feel. I know there will be hardships and challenges, but I want to surrender those challenges and hardships to you. God, I want to be reminded of this sweet freedom from the bondage of worry and suffering. That when I die to myself, because I am broken and of the flesh, I am resurrected with your new life taking my brokenness and using it for your glory. That when I die to myself, I am living a life of freedom and awe for you! Lord this moment is for you, this moment is for your glory. Let me praise you! Use me, fill me, work through me. Amen.”

When I go back to America, I want to continue taking risks and simply speaking boldly about Jesus to those who are and are not believers. When I go back to America, I want to leave behind our shower that doesn’t drain well or the Wi-Fi that interrupted responsibilities or conversation with family.”


Declan Thiele ~

“I’m going to take with me the intentionality in spreading the gospel and asking people about Christ and making connections with them. I want to go out of my way to evangelize. I want to go to the coffee shop and talk to the barista who served me. I want to get to know them more and create those small routines where I start to build connections with people.”

“Lessons I have learned that God has walked me through were through multiple things that He showed me. He showed me what it really means to love other people and to love Him. I’m taking away that it is a choice to love others, to love Him and to do ministry. It is not based on emotions. Emotions can accompany love but love itself is not an emotion we experience but rather a choice to love.”

“I want to leave behind a testimony for the people I made connections with. I want them to remember the impact that Christ had on them through me. That’s something I really, really want. Even if I don’t remember this trip or they don’t remember me, I hope the impact of Christ is what they remember. I know my time here is short and I will probably be forgotten, but with Christ all things are possible. All 50 people on this team have made an impact in many, many cities here in Kosovo! The Lord will use that impact. I’m excited to see how exactly it will turn out, if not here, then in heaven.”

– Jenae Stevenson, Ten2 2021 Participant & Storyteller

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