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As I was trying to decide what I should write about for my second big story on the blog this summer, I thought I’d compile a couple of different updates I’ve received from two Ten2 participants. As we’re approaching the halfway point of our Ten2 summer of service, I hope you are encouraged by these updates from our participants across North America.

Lucas Yanes, Ten2 Participant – Lebanon, Ohio

“One of my highlights would definitely have to be that I got accepted into an EMT course beginning at the end of August! I can’t wait to use that certification to help those in need, both in country and abroad!

“The Bible study from last week really taught me how to remove myself from the toxicity of my “’human’” emotions, and focus on emotions that are intertwined with the Trinity. The emotions I feel should create further joy and light, as opposed to letting the enemy take hold of them and make them rancid, good for a while, but eventually souring over time.

“Loving with no strings attached is what I am currently being taught by the Spirit. I love very fiercely, and at times that can be my greatest weakness, especially when the Devil has anything to say about it. Love is patient, love is kind, it doesn’t make one jealous, or boast, or inflate is importance. These feelings are felt when the enemy is able to taint the pure love that we are gifted with as followers of Christ. Last week’s Bible study made me dig deep and be more spiritually aware of how the enemy is attacking my love through prayers of examining, allowing Jesus to bolster and strengthen my own personal weaknesses and get that much closer to loving how He loves.”

Lauren Godbey, Ten2 Participant – Monument, Colorado

“Uncertainty is a big thing going on right now. With current events going on and personally things happening in life it can look very uncertain. Though through this time God is showing me peace in it. Knowing that he has everything under control in the chaos is a comfort. A verse that comes into my head often is Isaiah 55:9. “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Life will always be filled with the unknown and there is nothing that we can do about it. It is a time of trial and blind faith. A time where we stress about what is going to happen or a time of comfort knowing God knows everything. I have peace in the uncertainty because I know that God has a plan that I do not know yet. One possible reason for me staying where I am at the moment is to help a friend through their first steps with God. Though there can be yet another reason that I have yet to find; you never know till you let God have the wheel.”

– Roma Osborne, Ten2 2020 Participant & Storyteller

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