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Goodbye Europe (For Now)

Wow. My time in Europe with the Ten2 Project is over for now, and I am so grateful for every opportunity for growth, adventure and friendship. During the last few weeks at Oikos Church, I realized just how much my heart yearns for the British to acknowledge, experience and pursue the great hope, grace, restoration and freedom that a relationship with Jesus offers. The manner in which Oikos encourages missional relationships has opened my eyes to the abundant opportunities around me to share the love that Christ so lavishly pours upon us. Thank you, Oikos, for all the laughs, celebrations, cricket games, lattes and relationships. Thank you, Ten2, for a transformative summer.

Annual Conference

Our last week in Europe was spent in Germany at the Annual Missionary Conference. Here, hundreds of missionaries serving across Europe with GEM came together for worship, messages and meals in fellowship with others pursuing Kingdom advancement. It was truly beautiful to hear so many stories of those who have forsaken a comfortable, glamorous and steady lifestyle in order to serve and love Christ and those around them with all they have, wherever they are. Many have been serving for 20, 30, even 40 years relentlessly and faithfully spreading the gospel. Wow. Talk about perspective shift!


  • God is global. This seemingly simple fact felt overwhelming throughout all 10 weeks because of how powerful and beautiful it is to see people from different nations worship the same Savior. This was even more evident during our Reformation tour through Switzerland and Germany, because we were able to walk the same steps as prominent figures such as Martin Luther and John Calvin. Some of these churches were built in the 1500’s—absolutely exquisite—and point to Jesus. Years fly by, but my God remains. 

  • God is beautiful. Y’all, the Swiss Alps will really take your breath away. His creation magnificently shows off His glory, and I am here for it. Not only did Ten2 allow us to see some of the most incredible sights, but it also created relationships—the sharing of stories—that also reveal God’s beauty, goodness and grace. There really isn’t anything more beautiful than to hear and see the Lord be faithful and redemptive in the lives of those around me. 

  • God is worth it. When scrubbing eternal piles of dishes or sitting with kinda scary, smelly people, I had to think “all for glory // all for honor.” Every time, I was reminded that if Jesus was willing to leave heaven to come to earth, be put to shame, beaten and die for me, I should be able to complete the task at hand with utmost joy. Talk about conviction! He is worthy of my time, my service and my surrender. 


  • Praise God for all the relationships I was able to build throughout summer with my Oikos and Ten2 families. Please be praying for continued gospel conversations with two girls I met in England. Praise God that we were able to give one a Bible in her home language; be praying that she will fall in love with reading it and develop a hunger to know Jesus more. 

  • Praise God for all 60 Ten2-ers' stories from the summer! The last couple weeks were filled with precious moments of sharing stories of how the Lord moved throughout all of our 10 placement cities across Europe. Please be praying as we all return to our homes and schools, as many of us have been radically transformed by this mission trip and are strongly interested in returning for a longer period of time. 

With Great Joy, Hailey Hendrix, 2019 Ten2 Participant – Birmingham, UK

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