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An Update from Frankfurt, Germany

Early one morning this past week, I had the privilege of getting on a Facetime call with a woman who would’ve been one of my hosts, had I gone to Frankfurt, Germany this summer. Lisa Mitts so passionate about making disciples and furthering Christ’s Kingdom. She and her husband, Doug, have been in Frankfurt for one year now, working alongside other GEM missionaries in Frankfurt like Richard and Carol Bonham who together work on language, evangelism, prayer, and outreach.

Frankfurt, Germany, is one of GEM’s three focus cities—along with Birmingham, UK, and Athens, Greece—where missionaries focus primarily on Christ’s Great Commission of going and making disciples of all nations. Their main goal, rather than church-planting or running other programs that you may normally see in the mission field (i.e. VBS), is to make disciples who make disciples. Lisa focused on this as we talked, and it was such a joy to see her face and hear an update from her!

Here are some things Lisa shared from different happenings in Germany this past year:

“In May I received a text from a new friend/pastor asking if I would meet this Turkish woman. He had received a text from someone in the UK who had gotten word from someone in the States. They said she needs encouragement. I texted her and to my surprise she wrote me right back and wanted to meet the next day. She was so open to me and shared her life story. It was clear God had been working in her life since December. I shared the gospel in so many different ways hoping she truly understood what all God had done so we could have a relationship with Him. She prayed with me but during the prayer I could tell she was having a hard time finishing the prayer. We met another time with a couple who has experience praying over people and against other spirits. I know this woman has Christ in her life but there are some strongholds we are praying through. I am meeting with her weekly discipling her and have also had Deb, one of my teammates join in with us. We hope to get her involved in a church plant that I am newly involved in. She asked to be baptized so we are praying for the right time and place.”

“Prayer and worship have been a key factor during this “COVID” space. Deb (my teammate) and I pray daily for disciple making movements with lives transformed by the Holy Spirit to happen in Frankfurt, throughout Germany to the world. We have seen prayer as a critical part of our summer and since COVID-19 we have seen worldwide prayer rise. God’s people all over the world are praying to see God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. A huge part of Frankfurt Focus City is prayer and outreach.”

“I have a group of German women (and Deb my partner in prayer and ministry) that are focused on learning from Jesus how to be like Jesus. In other words, we are training disciple makers.”

“I am meeting up with young women (via Skype) who have expressed a desire for learning how to share their testimony and faith with others. I have had the privilege of meeting one-on-one helping them pay attention to the Spirit of God through the Word of God. I encourage them to respond to God in obedience. It has been a joy to see how God speaks and how they respond to Him.”

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your heart and all that God is doing in Frankfurt, Germany, that will reach the world for His Kingdom! I know I am so excited for all of Europe, but especially Frankfurt, as God is using Lisa, Doug, Deb, and the whole team to reach not only Germans but people of all nations! As Lisa said, Frankfurt is “one of the most diverse cities” you’ll ever see. I’m excited to—Lord-willing—join them next year!

– Roma Osborne, Ten2 2020 Participant & Storyteller

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