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Ten2 Response to COVID-19

Reimagining Ten2 2020

First of all, we are so grateful for each 2020 Ten2 participant and so encouraged and blown away by their hearts for Europe, passion for the gospel and willingness to still go serve, share Christ and make disciples in Europe. They are an amazing group of Christ-followers and we are thankful they are a part of this team.

Under the current circumstances, we are reimagining how the 2020 Ten2 Project will happen. As a result of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its impact globally, we are not going to be able to send Ten2 to serve in Europe this summer.

We are developing a virtual version of the Ten2 Project to comply with the recommendations of the US Government and the CDC to create social distancing. Our primary goal is spiritual formation in each Ten2 participant and missional engagement in their communities.

Breathe is an attempt to utilize this interruption as an opportunity to advance the gospel in the communities of Ten2 participants wherever they are located. Mission is wherever your foot falls: it is both 5,000 miles away and across the street. We are desperate to invest in our Ten2 participants spiritually and will be meeting with them weekly throughout the summer to foster discipleship and community.

Modified 2020 Schedule

May 31 – June 5: Training Week

  • six livestreamed worship and teaching sessions

June 8 – August 1

  • Weekly Worship and Training Gathering Beginning June 8, we will have weekly training and small group sessions focused on development and discipleship utilizing European and North American leaders. Our Europe site leaders were eager to engage with Ten2 this summer and still want to walk with our participants this summer in preparation for the future.

  • Serve Serving is a foundational component of the Ten2 Project. We want to foster a heart of service through partnering with churches and ministries in the local communities of our Ten2 participants.

August 2 – August 8

  • Debrief and Celebration After eight weeks of discipleship and service, we will come together for a time of debrief and celebration. Travel permitting, this will take place either in Slovenia or the Colorado Rockies.

Funds and Future Opportunities


We are asking for only a $100 commitment for all virtual training and sessions. Once we can confirm location for debrief, we will talk with the participants about minimal additional costs.

We commit to hold all their funds for 18 months for them to decide how they would like to serve with GEM in the future. We encourage the Ten2 participants to keep raising support for their future experience with GEM and their supporters to continue investing in the advancement of the gospel.


Our 2020 Ten2 participants are well on their way to serving with us in the coming year due to their raised funds! Each Ten2 location has told us they would love to partner with them at any time. Consider serving with us 1-12 months starting this fall or spring, or joining us for Ten2 2021!

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