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Allie's Story

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

“What led you to go on Ten2?” I asked Allie, as we rested by a small mountain waterfall in the Šar Mountains. “It’s a long story, but I have been avoiding Ten2 for a long time,” she said with a reluctant complexion. Allie had heard of Ten2 two years ago in 2019, when Mike Taylor first initiated the project. With excitement, she quickly told her sister about the opportunity thinking it was perfect for her. Yet she thought little of her own call to go serve.

Over the next year and a half Allie came in contact with the Ten2 project over and over. She even described a year later how Mike Taylor spoke in front of the entire student body of her university, but she was only just catching on to God’s direction. All the while, Allie imagined the brick pathways of her usual routine walk to be the cobblestone streets of Europe while thinking about the unevangelized state of the continent. Nothing was stopping her from answering God’s great commission, in fact her prayers, past journal notes, and circumstances continued to push her to a country she did not even think of going to, named Kosovo. So, she came to a revelation. Allie remarked, “I had been putting God’s direction on my sister for over a year, and I had been ignoring God!”

So, she signed up for the 2020 Ten2 Project and… Covid-19 hit. The entire world closed! Introspectively staring into the wide mountainscape, she said, “That year Ten2 had a virtual discipleship program called ‘breathe,’ and Tiffany Godbey said something I will never forget: ‘Sometimes God leads you to a place and will not have you actually get there because He is directing your heart to another place as you learn to enjoy Him more.’” Since then, Allie completed another year at university and found herself in the only country Ten2 was able to go to for 2021, a country named Kosovo.

Sometimes we forget the grandeur of our God and His commandments to follow Him in his grand nature, including leaving one’s family, town, and culture to share His eternal hope. Life is fleeting and time is short, but God is forever, and He calls all of us to follow Him in the eternal perspective He holds. So, are you going to answer the command to go wherever He leads you?

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Luke 10:2

– Coleman Jones, Ten2 2021 Participant & Storyteller

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